NAYEN On-Line Courses

For many years the NAYEN Online Training Team has been developing and offering Online Training modules.  The courses, in English and Spanish (working on French) include:


  • Youth Protection Awareness
  • Host Family Orientation (USA)
  • Host Family Orientation (English)
  • Youth Exchange Volunteer (USA)
  • Youth Exchange Volunteer (English)
  • Local Coordinator Training
  • Culture-Shock and Reverse Culture-Shock
  • Outbound Parent Overview
  • Counselor Training (USA)
  • Students Overiew – The Basics



  • Programa de Protección a Jóvenes (GENERAL)
  • Orientación para las familias anfitrionas
  • Ser los padres de un OUTBOUND – Visión General
  • Ser un OUTBOUND
  • Programa de Protección a Jóvenes PARA ESTUDIANTES
  • Programa de Protección a Jóvenes PARA VOLUNTARIOS



  • Sensibilisation à la protection de la jeunesse
  • Conscientizacao de Protecao a Juventude

All NAYEN districts have access to those courses at no charge because NAYEN member districts pay dues to NAYEN.


NAYEN is happy to make its training available to any Rotary district around the world at the very reasonable cost of $100USD per Rotary district per year.  In other words, districts may use all the trainings (Host Family, Volunteer, Counselor, Youth Protection, etc.) for as many persons as they choose for one low fee. ($100 USD/yr.)

If this option is of interest to you please write to [email protected] and NAYEN will begin the process of invoicing you and setting you up on the database.