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STEP – Short Term Exchange Program

LTEP – Long Term Exchange Program

NOTE: Sponsor District instructions may differ from these process descriptions. Sponsor District instructions take precedence over any suggestions provided here.

Long Term RYE Application – version 2023-04-15

Intercambio de jóvenes de Rotary Solicitud de programa a largo plazo – version 2021-01-21

  • This is the UNIVERSAL application form (replaces all previous revisions or updates)
  • Suitable for all applicants from any sponsor district or multi-district in any country.

YEOs Guide-Preparing Long Term Application – version 2023-03-30
How to prepare the form with District-specific instructions and pre-filled information before providing to clubs or posting on district websites. This document will also guide Sponsor Club YEOs in preparing the application form to be shared with students wishing to apply for the Rotary Youth Exchange Long Term Program.

Student Tips-Completing LT RYE Application – version 2023-03-30
General information is supplemented with instructions and examples for how the form might be completed under common Sponsor District requirements.

Subfolder: RYE LT Application individual sections – version 2023-04-15
Separate PDF files for each application section: Without page numbers (at bottom of pages)
These files include sections suitable for use by RYE database systems as additional required documents.
For districts using database technology and only needing selected sections of the application, the most recent update for any individual section is now shown in the lower left corner of each page.
Most Sections of the Long Term Application Form, including Cover, Pre-application Disclosures and Instructions have been updated. The major content of the application has not changed since 2021-10-25. Recent updates include minor corrections and clarifications to instructions or improvements to form behavior during on-screen data entry.

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First Night Questions

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